online library

In this precious collection, we have tried to include electronic books for the reading of site members and respected users so that they can increase their knowledge to enter the forex market and reduce possible risks in their online transactions while using these valuable books.

Sections and classification of the library

The online library is divided into three general sections which are discussed below and students, website members and users can benefit from them.


In this section, you will have access to books related to technical and fundamental analysis and materials related to financial and forex market transactions.


In this section, you will have access to books related to the economy and business of different countries of the world. In this section, we tried to familiarize you with the micro and macro processes of economics in different countries of the world and witness the results of the research of scientists and authors in the field of economics and business.

Scientific and research articles

In this section, it presents the scientific articles of scientists, researchers and students in the field of economics, business and technologies related to this field. The results of this research pave the way for newbies to find a clear and low-risk path. Financial markets are considered among the most risky markets, and without having enough knowledge and experience, it will create the possibility of failure for the trader. This section can be an important help for beginners.